Nintia Estate
Language: English


Nintia Estate has two currencies for users to interact with:
  1. 1.
    $NINTI: cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
  2. 2.
    NE: in-game token, short for Nintia Estate.


$NINTI is Nintia Estate's official cryptocurrency. Players will be able to use $NINTI to:
  • Buy lands at our shop
  • Buy and sell NFTs at our marketplace
  • Buy a Gacha roll to obtain properties
  • Exchange them to in-game currency (NE).


NE is the in-game currency produced within the farming and PVP. It can be obtained by:
  • Cleaning and repairing properties
  • Passively from properties rent
  • PVP victories
  • Leaderboard
As for its uses we have:
  • Buying in-game items to take care of properties
  • Exchange for $NINTI

Exchange rate

The exchange rate between $NINTI and NE is established at:
$NINTI to NE: 1 $NINTI => 100 NE NE to $NINTI: 125 NE => 1 $NINTI
Depositing $NINTI to receive NE requires a minimum amount of 20 $NINTI.
There will be a withdrawal cooldown to convert NE into $NINTI of 15 days. The first cooldown begins on the first login of every user. Once every withdrawal is executed, the 15-day cooldown will restart and the user will not be able to withdraw NE again until the cooldown is over.
Changes can be made in order to ensure the sustainability of the game economy.