Nintia Estate
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BNB Fees

Since having a fee in $NINTI is never benefitial for the project, we decided to renounce token commissions for both minting and marketplace use to avoid receiving tokens. To finance our project, we have decided to add a small amount of BNB in the price of the following actions:
👉🏼 1$ mint of properties/land
👉🏼 1.5$ for posting a property/land for sale in the marketplace
👉🏼 1$ for purchasing a property/land in the marketplace
👉🏼 1.95$ withdrawal NE => NINTI
👉🏼 0.60$ property burning
👉🏼 0$ deposit NINTI => NE
Only these actions are priced in BNB. All other actions in-game are off-chain, i.e. you will not pay BNB.
This is the only funding the team of Nintia uses to finance the project, servers, developers, liquidity and marketing.