Nintia Estate
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Public Sale

First, 30,000,000 $NINTI will be sold to those who are willing to take part in our first public offering. Each token will be sold for 0.03$ and paid in $BNB. The gathered capital will largely contribute as a part of the DEX liquidity pool. Secondly, after the first public offering, $NINTI will be listed on a decentralized exchange with an initial price of 0.055$. Investors that participate in our first public offering will have the opportunity to buy the token at the aforementioned discounted price. This increases their margin for revenue as the token becomes more valuable and also contributes to the project's economy.
A total of 30,000,000 $NINTI will be sold at a price of 0.03$.
The purpose of this public sale is to give early investors a head start on Nintia Estate's project by investing at a lower price while boosting the project's economy at an early stage. The gathered capital will largely contribute to the liquidity pool when $NINTI is introduced in a Decentralized Exchange.
The public sale will go as follows:
Before the Sale: Every investor or player must acquire $BNB tokens before the public sale begins. During Sale: Every investor exchanges $BNB to $NINTI tokens. After the Sale: Investors will be able to claim 15% of their purchased tokens immediately. The remaining locked tokens will become available for claiming monthly over the next 8 months.
Public sale's date: To be determined.