Nintia Estate
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A mad scientist of dubious provenance has warned us of the current electrical demands of our cities and that measures must be taken to maintain the energy sustainability of Nintia, for it is only a matter of time before properties begin to fail and what we fear the most occurs: Upset tenants!
Our beloved scientist named Tony has come up with a long-term solution to this energy crisis. An innovative electrical system has been implemented to supply the demand of the cities. The service will be provided by a new company whose services will be priced as follows:
Base rates per property are 0.45 $NINTI + 1.55 $NINTI in BNB per property per day.
This way we will be able to provide proportionality to these costs and avoid bad user experiences with token fluctuation. However, electricity is not mandatory and it is completely optional. Those who pay their electricity bills will receive a bonus on their NE production.
The bonuses will be as follows:
  • House: +340 NE per day (+37.8% gross income for a 5-bedroom house)
  • Mansion: +394 NE per day (+27.4% gross income for an 8-bedroom mansion)
  • Building: +466 NE per day (+21.6% gross income for a 12-room building)
  • Skyscraper: +610 NE per day (+16.9% gross income for a 20-room skyscraper)
These bonuses are per property per day. If we include the cost, the net income bonuses are 10% for all kinds of properties. However, the company sees a lot of potential in those investors with land and properties, so it is willing to offer a series of progressive discounts according to the amount of NFTs they own. If you pay with any discount, this net bonus will be higher. These discounts apply to both the $NINTI and BNB rates and are as follows:
  • Discount for holding $NINTI: 10% discount for having 100 $NINTI in your wallet, in case of having 1000 NINTI a 20% discount is granted. (Not cumulative, it is only one of the two).
  • Discount for owning land: the company will give a one-time 15% discount for those users who own at least 1 land.
  • Property discount: Those users who own from 2 properties onwards can count on a 4% discount for each property up to a maximum of 20% with 6 properties, ie:
1/2/3/4/4/5/6 property(ies) equals a discount of 0%/4%/8%/12%/16%/20%.
A user who fulfills all these requirements can count on a 55% discount in total. With this total discount the rate would be:
0.2025 $NINTI + 0.6975 $NINTI in BNB per property per day.
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