Nintia Estate
Language: English


Image of the Farming client that we are developing and will be release in the future
In order to start playing Nintia Estate, users must own at least one property. Their objective is to maintain their properties in optimal conditions as every day NPC (Non-Playable Character) tenants will choose and pay for their visit depending on how satisfied they were during their stay.
On every land, depending on how rare and expensive they are, users can build different amounts and types of properties by using the in-game items required to do so. Each of these properties has a number of rooms that limits the number of tenants it can host at the same time; the rewards will be based on the number of rooms rented and the current state of the facility.
Investors have the option to build houses and mansions in their non-NFT land but given that this land is located in the desert, bandits can take advantage of exposed properties so players will have to use in-game items to prevent getting reduced rewards in their rent. In addition to this, desert properties are not eligible to receive help from other players with the essential tasks of cleaning and repairing.
NPC Guests will pay their rent at the end of every day (00:00 UTC) depending on the conditions of the property and their room. These rewards will be collected and harvested every 7 days. Players will be able to track earned rewards during the week in order to pinpoint which rooms were not cleaned or when reparations were needed.
Nintia Estate designed a calculator that makes it easy for the investor to plan the Return of Investment (ROI) for each property. The user will be able to modify the boost percentage depending on the land owned and modify the $NINTI price to see the monthly production in USDT.
ROI calculator for the NFT presale price: Calculadora de ROI para la preventa de NFTs:​