Nintia Estate
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Players will be able to lend their cleaning services to other NFT properties, as long as these properties are not built in the desert.
Properties built on free lands are not eligible to receive cleaning from other players.
Each account will initially have 0 daily cleanings, the daily cleanings of each account will be defined in the 00 00 UTC maintenance window and will be given by the following factors:
  • Each property will provide +12 cleanings up to a maximum of 4 properties (maximum of +48 cleanings)
  • Owning a piece of land will provide +8 cleanings (if it is "origin", it will be +12 cleanings)
Thus, players may have up to a maximum of 60 cleanings with the above requirements.
As compensation for each cleaning of other users' properties, players will receive an exclusive NE bonus for their service. However, cleaning their own properties will not generate rewards.
Cleaning your own properties will not earn you any reward and will count as one of the attempts of the day.
To clean a property, players must have the Cleaning Tool item in their inventories. Every time a player cleans another player's property, he will receive a reward. This reward varies depending on the number of rooms and the number of cleanings of the property:
  • If a property has been cleaned fewer times than its number of rooms, the reward will be 50 NE.
  • If a property has been cleaned more or equal times than its number of rooms, the reward will be 25 NE.
For example, a property with 4 rooms will reward the first 4 players that clean it with 50 NE. Afterward, users that clean that same property will receive 25 NE for each cleaning.
The cleaning counter for each property is randomly reset between 00:30 and 16:00 UTC.
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