Nintia Estate
Language: English

Getting Started

Image of the Farming client that we are developing and will be release in the future
To start playing, users must own at least one property. Each property will have different rates of return, making each one of them vary in their profitability; therefore, understanding the differences between each asset and the land in which they are set will be crucial for the start of the user's new empire.
Users need at least one property to start playing in Nintia Estate, and 20 $NINTI (minimum exchange to NE) to buy the essential in-game items.
In order for buildings to start producing NE, they must be constructed upon a piece of land. To construct a property on land, you will need to use the in-game item Construction Crew.
Every new user will receive a free non-NFT land.
Properties can be transferred across different lands. To do so, a Construction Crew must be used to demolish the building, and another one must be used to build it back up in the desired land.
Demolishing a property causes you to lose the generated NE that has not been claimed.
Having enough NE in-game after your first exchange, and owning a property on whichever land you choose, you are ready to start your journey as a Nintia Estate player.
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