Nintia Estate
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In-game Items

At this moment, there are 5 different items that users can buy in the in-game shop; these items will be day to day tools that will allow players to interact with each other and to generate rewards:
  • Cleaning Tool 🧹: This item can be used to clean rooms. It comes in a cleaning kit with 50 uses at a price of 250 NE.
  • Repairing Tool 🔧: This item can be used to repair properties. It comes in a repairing tool kit with 10 uses at a price of 100 NE.
  • Maid Service Insurance 🧼: This item is consumed at the end of the day regardless if there are or if there are not rooms in your property that were not cleaned. Investors can assure their reward by hiring a cleaning service company. Insurance only applies to one property. It comes in an insurance kit with 5 uses at a price of 400 NE.
  • Construction Crew 👷‍♂️: This item is consumed as a requirement every time a player decides to build a property or relocate it to another land. Its price is 300 NE with one usage.
Demolishing a property causes you to lose the generated NE that has not been claimed.
  • Fence 🧱: This item must be placed in desert properties so bandits don't steal your earnings. The fence lasts until 00:00 UTC. It comes in a fence kit with 10 uses at a price of 300 NE.
  • Paint🎨: This item is used to repaint your color once. You can't paint a property into the same color it had before and the new color depends on the following probabilities:
These items are not NFTs and therefore, they are not tradeable or sellable.
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