Nintia Estate
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Players that invest more time playing the game should feel their time is being compensated and rewarded. Therefore, we are developing a highly competitive leaderboard system for users to show how fast they can build an empire on a monthly seasonal challenge. In this challenge, users will look to gather as many points as possible on the next aspects of the game:
  • Number of cleaned properties
  • Number of repaired properties
  • NE production of Seasonal Properties (explained below)
There will be outstanding rewards for the top 300 players ranked at the end of the season. To compete, users must own properties that have been minted (created within the blockchain using the Gacha) during that current season, such properties will be called “Seasonal Properties”.

Seasonal Properties

In order for a property to participate and earn you points for the leaderboard, it must have been minted exclusively during that season. Any time an asset is minted it will automatically belong to the present season and will only earn points towards the leaderboard until the season ends. However, these assets will remain to produce the exact same amount of earnings after the season changes.
This start-over challenge aims to promote an extremely competitive environment where players need to adapt constantly since new assets will have that extra value of having an impact on the outcome of the season leaderboard. Notwithstanding, we want players to further develop their strategies as the game is being developed, and any time new updates come to the game, those players who can adapt the fastest will be the most rewarded.
Last modified 1yr ago