Nintia Estate
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We take our team's structure very seriously, we are not just a group of friends, we are also a well-rounded machine with developers, an economist, a badass artist, and a marketing expert. We trust that our team can adapt to any circumstance in order to bring our users the best possible experience.
The team does not fully disclose their identities as we are from Latin America and need to be cautious for our own safety.

Gabriel "Foster" (CEO & Blockchain Developer)

Gabriel has always been interested in new technologies. He is co-founder of a software developing company that has created products used by millions of users. With Nintia Estate, he is starting a new journey with NFTs and blockchain, combining his passion for programming and cryptocurrency.

Juan "Moka" (Engineer & Ambassador)

Juanma is someone that people consider great to team up with because he’s able to adapt and learn about anything a project might need. He has involved himself in many different fronts on various start-ups and has been able to fulfill different needs at the same time, nowadays, he is a Crypto and play-to-earn enthusiast.

José "Tychon" (Economist)

He always considered himself a finance enthusiast, nevertheless, new technologies and the fascinating world of crypto have redefined who he is. He has previous experience in start-up projects such as agricultural and investment funds and has always been passionate about finding financial solutions for anyone in the world.

Joao "Kleene" (Full Stack Developer)

The young prodigy. He started coding video games when he was 13 years old. When he started CS college he learned about backend development. At 19 years old he was already building highly scalable backend applications. He believes that videogames can be integrated to human life further, therefore, his goal is to contribute to the enhancement of human society using videogames and technology.

Leonardo "Meier" (Backend Developer)

Since he was a child, he liked programming and electronics, which led him to leave his island to study engineering at one of the best universities in his country, where he met great friends with whom he formed an excellent team. He loves working on backend and creating scalable servers to overcome the challenges of this age's technology. He also has experience in web development and mobile applications.

Carlos "Keaton" (Frontend Developer)

He was 20 when he decided to quit college in order to study what he always wanted on his own. Nowadays, he is working along with the best developer team to create, innovate and enhance Nintia Estate's experience in every iteration of the game lifecycle, no matter how difficult, rude and long the roadmap can be. Even if the odds are against him, he would not lower his efforts.

Raul "Wallace" (Artist)

The creative mind behind our project. Raul has been involved in videos, games, and illustration in general for 3 years now and since he was young he had an inclination for fun and hilarious art that influenced his current style.

Carlos "Max" (Community Manager)

Carlos is a team member who is always interested in helping. He finds it important to know a little about everything in order to be prepared in any situation. He is interested in programming and video games from an early age. Carlos is a sociable person who likes to listen to advice and is interested in solving problems as they arise.