Nintia Estate
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Migue wanted to fulfill his dream of jumping to stardom with a TV show. Unfortunately for him, he had no talent other than counting bills (and stealing some) so he set in motion his plan to start a TV event every day at 22:00 UTC which was a lottery with tickets for 20 random winners.
The price of each ticket will be 150 NE and people are able to participate by just buying 1 ticket, to increase the chances of winning people can buy as many tickets as they want, since:
The more tickets you have -> the higher the chance of winning
Of all the gathered NE, 70% will be distributed to the winners. The remaining 30% will stay in the reward pool as another measure to improve the sustainability of the game.
The base amount is 40,000 NE, which is provided by Migue to encourage players to buy tickets. This base amount will start to increase when the sum of all tickets sold is greater than 40,000 NE, and there is no limit, the more people buy, the higher the prize will be.
The rewards will be as follows:
  • 1st: 14%
  • 2nd: 11%
  • 3rd: 7%
  • 4th to 5th: 4%
  • 6th to 10th: 3%
  • 11th to 15th: 2%
  • 16th to 20th: 1%
Important: The remaining 30% will be redirected to the reward pool
There is a different lottery every day with the participants who have adquired a ticket. All winners will be decided at 22:00 UTC. To check if you won you can go to the lottery page in the "Results" part.
Play responsibly, no excesses!