Nintia Estate
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Thief Hunter

Our first mini-game is now available. Players must prepare to catch Migue's crooks.
To play you just have to search for a game to join 4 other players and fight against those evildoers ruled by Migue. Here are a few instructions:
What functionality does each icon have on the screen?
Migue: The migue, boss of the band of thieves when you catch him the points will be randomized between 10 to 50 points.
Fred: Our dear friend Fred subtracts points when you catch him. Likewise it is random and points will be subtracted between 20 and 80 points.
  • The casual builder is a sabotage for another player. Catching him will hide all the elements on the screen from the other people, use this to earn more points!
  • Handcuffs are traps for another player, Clicking it makes the other person unable to choose any item on the screen as they will not be available.
  • The wall is a trap set by migue that will make some thieves not appear on the map, which will give an advantage to your opponent.
  • The lock is a trap set by migue that makes all the elements on the screen turn into a lock, making it difficult to score points.
Inside the game by clicking on "How to play" you will find a more detailed explanation of each one of them.
Knowing these features, the way to enter this game mode is as follows:
On the Nintia Estate game page you will have to go to the Minigame tab and select THIEF HUNTER, to search for games the price is 1000 NE with which you will enter in pairing with 3 other players who will be on the lookout to take all the points, you will have 75 seconds to collect all the thieves possible, you have to be the best!
Prizes will be distributed as follows:
Prize ranking
  • First place: 1600,00 NE
  • Second place: 1200,00 NE
  • Third place: 800,00 NE
  • Fourth place: 0,00 NE
The remaining 400 NE are returned to the reward pool.