Nintia Estate
Language: English


For the Nintia Estate team it has been vital to come up with an ambitious answer that has a good chance of surviving in the current volatile market conditions, and unfortunately we have identified as a reality that betting all our eggs in the same basket on a game with great graphics and gameplay, although it is what awakens more anxiety and longing on the part of those of us who are true gamers, we have to be objective and understand that these qualities of a game would not really bring sustainability, so it is not an acceptable answer to the unknown economic models of all NFT (play-to-earn) games and much less would be the best way to invest all the trust that the community has placed in us from day one.
Understanding this harsh reality, we decided to dedicate all our efforts to a modality that adapts to the fast times that the market imposes on us and to design new functionalities and proposals that really conform a proposal like no other in the most important aspect of all, the economic proposal.
With this series of new measures and tools we plan to tackle a restructuring of our beloved first project and bring a new ecosystem with many game modes that satisfy all types of user tastes and that has an environment where users play and burn the token daily and get rewards in a totally organic way.


  • Team recruitment
  • Economic and market analysis
  • Roadmap
  • Game mechanics design
  • Property design
  • Land design
  • Brand and logo design
  • Smart Contracts development
  • Creation of social networks
  • Start making this project viral
  • Whitepaper
  • Website Design
  • Website Launch
  • Pre-sales website demo
  • Launch of marketing campaign
  • Launch of Farming Web demo
  • NFTs presale (November 22, 2021, at 22:00 UTC)
  • NFTs giveaways
  • NFTs Staking
  • Launch of the closed Alpha
  • Audit of $NINTI Smart Contract


  • Launch of the $NINTI Smart Contract
  • Public sale of $NINTI
  • Launch of the Open Beta of the game
  • Launch of $NINTI on Pancakeswap
  • Launch of Marketplace
  • NFT burning
  • New object to repaint properties
  • The electrical system in Nintia
  • Lottery
  • $NINTI Staking
  • First PVP mini-game: Thief Hunter
  • Second PVP mini-game: Tool Disaster
  • Adding climatic seasons to Nintia
  • Development of story and lore for Nintia sequel
  • Development of new art proposals
  • Spoilers with images in announcements
  • Market analysis and projections
  • Action plan design for ecosystem rework
  • New game reception experiments
  • Design of roadmap to include all new functionalities
  • Relaunch of new ecosystem in Nintia with new games
  • New Game: Haunted doors
  • New Game: Rescue Mission
  • New game: Scare the tourist Away
  • New game: Graves digger
  • New daily quest system to encourage token burning
  • New game: Roulette
  • New game: Blackjack


  • New game: Slot machines
  • New game: Night Corruption
  • New game: Naval fights
  • New game: Fred's hunt
  • Upgrade and incentives for burning NFTs
  • Economic benefits to holders of older NFTs (e.g. reduction of mining and withdrawal fees)
  • Disclosure of new NFT property
  • Disclosure of new NFT land
  • New early withdrawal commission
  • New game: Attack of the demons
  • New game: Spells of Nylax
  • New game: Spirits release
  • New game: Collecting minerals
  • Evaluation of results and proposals for new steps to be taken in the Nintiaverse with the voice and vote of the elderly holders.